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Personal Injury Blog Post

Car Problems Cause Your Car Fire? You May Have a Claim

Overheating cars have been in the news lately with Ford Motor Company leading the way. A number of Ford vehicles have been recalled due to a problem with the fuel lines which can cause the cars to spontaneously catch fire. Ford reported that so far, 12 vehicles have caught fire though thousands are potential fire hazards. A recall went out in December for the vehicles.

What many people may not realize is that Ford’s recall due to possible fire is just one of many in this industry. Facing a similar problem, Subaru has recalled more than 600,000 vehicles because they were concerned about the possibility of a fire breaking out due to faulty lights.  Other car manufacturers have been forced to recall vehicles due to numerous other problems, ranging from faulty air bags to faulty brakes and more.

In the majority of these cases, serious injury has been avoided. However, there have been times when people have been injured or killed due to car fires. These fires are often due to faults in the manufacturing process of the vehicle or faulty repair work done by auto shops more interested in making money than making sure your car is safe.

If you have been through a car fire, it is important to document everything that happened and then contact a qualified personal injury attorney who can help you figure out who is responsible. Insurance companies often will refuse to pay for fires caused by faulty equipment and that means that you need to sue those who were actually responsible to obtain compensation.

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